Strategic moves in the Cyprus EEZ

Those who believed that the Cypriot negotiating team does not have much room for debate because Cyprus is a small country and it deals with huge companies they can see again that they were wrong, because of course they never take in to account that the one that has the dominant strategy in the negotiations is always the one who has the EEZ.
At any time they can change the overall direction since they are defending the rights and interests of their people. Many also believed that our commitments to Noble, because it is an American company, are greater than those with others and had also used the arguement of indirect involvement of Israel.
In actual fact, things are completely different, as evidenced by the energy history of Cyprus.
The 12 th block that is held by Noble through licensing, is one of the poorest. Noble also plays a role in the Leviathan field except from that of Venus .
While ENI-KOGAS, the Italian-korean company has blocks 2, 3 and 9.
And we know that block 9 is the most valueable of the 13 units Cyprus has as yet.
ENI also constitutes the 75% of the consortium.
Consequently, the overall context of the land terminal is becoming more European, a factor which surprises many analysts who have remained on old data of the region and do not calculate correctly the overall energy strategy of the European Union.
They also forget that Italy is one of the largest consumers of natural gas throughout the region. So the strong interest of ENI-KOGAS on the issue of the Cypriot terminal is no coincidence.
If we also take into account the fact that the blocks 2 and 3 are the closest of the island's coast and that each of them is physically connected to block 9, we can perceive without technical difficulty that ENI-KOGAS will want to proceed constructively in negotiations with our Cyprus.
With all these facts in mind we can see that the Cypriot energy path continues efficiently and it changes the whole approach even of the Cypriot problem, for those who have not yet understood even after so many stages that have been already covered.
It's therefore important for us to be prepared for the energy liberation of Cyprus, so that we can be active citizens.